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Dry Hire vs Wet Hire: Which is Right for You?

You’ve made the decision to hire plant equipment or machinery. But is dry or wet hire right for you?  Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always clear-cut. There are plenty of variables that make it hard to weigh up which option will be best for you and your team.  To help, we’ve created a guide that’ll walk …

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What is Dry Hire?

Whether you are new to the concept or already familiar with the process, it always pays to know exactly what ‘dry hire’ actually means. What is dry hire? In short, dry hire is the hire of any equipment with no lubricants and without an operator. Simply put, you receive the equipment with the standard inclusions …

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Excavator Attachments: The Pulveriser

The Pulveriser is an Excavator attachment which can fit anywhere from a 14T machine to an 80T machine. The predominant use for this versatile attachment is in recycling of concrete and demolition waste. Solution Plant Hire have a range of hydraulic concrete pulverisers available, however the brand we mostly deal with is Arden. Arden pulverisers …

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